Fun Bonding Workshop

24th Oct, 2021 - Sunday | 11 AM

Sqr Ldr Unni Nair is driven by his purpose of living life to the fullest and moving people towards their greater accomplishments through Engagement and FUN!

A power house of energy, a motivator and an EnterTrainer!

5 years in the NCC, sparked his interest and resulted in a fruitful tenure of 14 years with the Indian Air force. His posting in Punjab, Ladakh and Siachen Glacier were extremely intense learning experiences.

Being an instructor for Para Sailing and engaging in Sky Diving were the highlights of his experience with the Directorate of Air Force Adventure.

A brief exposure to Commando Training with the NSG, and a Deputation with the Airports Authority of India, rounded up his Indian Armed Forces Exposure.

  • Energy : His High Energy Interventions have transformed many individuals to lead holistically healthier lives. The impact that he creates in any environment is palpable and powerful. He is a Role Model to many to take on roles of Leadership and Loyalty.
  • Positivity : As a Facilitator, he brings a strong positive influence. His breezy presence and his facilitation style bring about amazing transformations. His intuitiveness allows him to understand the audience and to quickly set them on a path of positivity through leading by example.
  • Inspiration : Unni is an inspiration to all around him. He constantly works on improving himself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level thereby inspiring and motivating others to Excel. His repertoire of stories and personal experiences helps him cultivate strong bonds and also helps connect deeply with his audience.
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