Brand, Branding & Branderlust
Marketing Mania tests your creativity quotient by making you research on brands & present a compelling story. Register as one, two or a team of 3 to narrate the brand story.
Pre-Event | 19th Oct
  • 60 min mandatory workshop in zoom will orient you towards presenting a powerful, inspiring brand story
  • A popular Brand or Event will be provided during the workshop for each team
  • Teams should prepare the entire brand story /event story along with various trivia, interesting details about the brand, their sales strategies, branding idea, USP, competitions & how they solve challenges.
Event | 23rd Oct
  • Live Zoom event
  • Duration for a brand story - 5mins
  • Post presentation the teams will be quizzed on how creative thinking helped the brand.
R E G I S T E R   N O W
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