Contradict n Confuse
It's not easy to confuse your own self. Let's put your contradiction skills to the test.
EVENT | 18th Oct
  • Individual registration
  • An extempore topic will be given, and you have to speak on that topic for 2 mins.
  • The moderator calls out Block or Tackle at various points during your talk.
  • When the topic flashes, you start by speaking FOR (Tackle) the motion. You must change the narrative of your speech based on Mod's call.
  • Topic Ex : Boys gossip more than girls do
  • You start talking that boys gossip more.. until the mod calls out BLOCK.
  • Now, you must immediately start talking AGAINST the motion. In this case "Girls gossip more than boys do"
  • When the Mod calls out TACKLE you go back to talking FOR the motion.
R E G I S T E R   N O W
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