YouNGAGE is an employee engagement initiative launched with the objective of providing an aspirational platform for Gen Y officers to showcase their abilities and talent in the crucial areas of Business domain, Strategic thinking, Leadership & Managerial skills.

YouNgage has multiple sub-initiatives such as Meet the Leaders, Genie, GenVent & Synergy. GENIE, the platform to test ones Managerial, Strategic, Business & Critical thinking skills is the most popular among these and is held annually across all regions/refineries.

The initiative helps in identifying & nurturing talent, meaningfully engaging with youngsters and also for recognising & retaining them. Every year employee look forward for YouNgage events.

Support your Best Young Manager (Finalist)

Abhilash Srinath Nair Exemplary Entities


Swati Singh Retail Trailblazers


Ankur Kumar LPG Vanguards


Shivang J Ganatra Exemplary Entities


Jai Prakash Gautam FABu Five


Satish Kumar Yadav Exemplary Entities